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“TUGUMONO” is the Japanese heavy metal band from Koenji, Tokyo, Japan formed by Houju (Vocal) and Masaki (Lead and Rhythm Guitar) in 1999.
The band name comes from “Inherit the Stars” by James P. Hogan as a great hard science fiction.
Actually TUGUMONO is written in Japanese Hiragana, and that means inheritance and confession.

Houju and Masaki begun to search for new bandmates and added members repeatedly because of the loneliness of the Tokyo city night.
After all, it become a performance group by 11 members formation in 2016.
Current lineup of the band is shown below.

Houju (Vocal&Performance)

Akiwo of N.Y (Lead Vocal)

No more chance Shibata (Vocal&Performance)

Masaki (Guitar)

Sen-san on bass (Bass)

Teacher Yo-Ko (Key)

Kizoku Maeda (Key)

Sumire Machida (Spring voiced announcements)

Gosunkugi Ueno (Performance)

Ai (Pole Dance)

Happening Takeda (Drums)